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Barclays Uses Blockchain To Conduct Its First Trade Finance Transaction Barclays, the UK banking company, teamed up with an Israeli startup to carry out the bank’s first Blockchain-based trade transaction. This allowed Barclays to send a transaction within minutes, both cost effectively and securely, rather than using the traditional transaction process which normally takes hours …

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Dark Web: Goodbye Bitcoin, Hello Monero


    The dark web has started to embrace Monero , a privacy-conscious alternative to Bitcoin. Why Monero? Staff members at Alphabay and Oasis say that customers and vendors have simply demanded the Monero option. “It’s a lot more secure than Bitcoin, especially when it comes to obfuscation,” said an anonymous member of the Alphabay …

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Exchanges are Risky, Where to Store Your Bitcoin? Practical Tips

The Bitfinex security breach, which led to the cumulative loss of nearly US$70 million, has become a painful but important realization for most Bitcoin users in the community. It has served as an urgent wake-up call for users who have relied on Bitcoin exchanges to store large sums of funds in contempt of several major …

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Openbazaar: Bitcoin’s Killer App


Bitcoin’s killer apps are already here. Some big things were made this year in the crypto-world, and they are going to shake up the globe. Distributed peer-to-peer Bitcoin-powered e-commerce platform OpenBazaar just launched. The platform started in 2014 as a peer-to-peer dark market and went through several different iterations since then.  In June 2015 the …

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NEM: A new kid on the block


Read more…….. NEM is a new platform, that uses the XEM cryptocurrency. The designers have made a new kind of coin production: Proof of Importance. It is a new concept and details are in the introduction. Some main concepts: In NEM, your computer is watching the ‘Blockchain’. When your computer sees someone spend money, it …

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Since Bitcoin’s creation, there are always new services added to the Bitcoin ecosystem. is a service that gives great value to Bitcoiners. They have their own merchants, but also, the user can get a 15% minimum discount on all Amazon products. How it works Firstly, when someone – Alice, say – wants …

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Why blockchain is so disruptive? Corporate law firms in danger?

Australia’s top law firms are preparing themselves for the disruption of blockchain-led ‘smart contracts’ with the technology expected to threaten thousands of jobs and the role of lawyers’ intermediating commercial negotiations and disputes that will soon be automated by computers.Australia’s top law firms are preparing themselves for the disruption of blockchain-led ‘smart contracts’ with the …

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Bitcoin: Why transaction id is important

There are many views around anonymity and bitcoin. Some think of the plain text blockchain, and have an opinion that coin flow can be tracked easily. THEY HAVE NOT CHECKED their transactions. I’m using bitcoin for around three years, and had the same misconception. Before three months, a friend noticed that, when bitcoins are sent, …

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MIT Media Lab Releases Code for Digital Certificates on the Blockchain


  The MIT Media Lab‘s Learning Initiative and Learning Machine have released the first version of an open-source project that builds an ecosystem for creating, sharing and verifying blockchain-based educational credentials. “The goal of our collaboration with the MIT Media Lab is to empower individuals with shareable credentials that can be used peer-to-peer and verified …

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Bitcoin arbitrage

The volatility of Bitcoin prices and different rules in different countries, make prices differ and opportunities for arbitrage show up. Many people think that it cannot be done, because of difficulties to withdraw fiat currencies. There is no need to convert to fiat to take advantage. In bitcoin charts there is a list of prices …

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