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Cryptocurrencies original purpose, was to be a digital cash system. Later, they became a store of value, fuel in an ecosystem, and lately as securities. Swipe believes that it is important to use cryptocurrencies for payment. One of the major companies that simplified cryptocurrency payments, was Bitpay. First, they offered an easy online payment, in web shops. The next product, was a Bitpay Visa Card, that was loaded with fiat exchanged for Bitcoins.

Currently, there are only a handful of companies, that are approved to issue cryptocurrency debit cards, due to issues done by bad actors. The overall market condition, has allowed companies like Swipe, to enter the ecosystem, and offer products that will be actually used. Swipe, will offer a Swipe wallet and a Swipe card. The company believes that blockchain-based payments, and cryptocurrencies, will be a useful tool for the un-banked population, currently about 2 billion people worldwide.

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