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Find about Krios platform

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Krios token (KRI), is an ERC20, based token, on the Ethereum network. It is the utility token in the platform, to do the transactions, in the network. Professionals, on the network, are reviewed bi-annually, and must provide verification, to prevent fraud and dishonesty. The total supply of KRI, is 350,000,000. The half of the supply, has been purchased back, leaving a circulation of 165,000,000 tokens, in circulation.

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Find about Carry platform

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On-line and mobile commerce, have increased rapidly, during the last decade. Although, the overall commerce is dominated, the the off-line commerce, that is 90%, of the total commerce market. We see, an increase, in on-line shopping, but giants, still invest on off-line commerce outlets. Off-line merchants, are using tools, that they do not give feedback, like flyers, and they have no way to find out, if the campaign was successful.

The Carry team, is looking to innovate, on the off-line commerce market, by using blockchain technology. They want to provide a platform for merchants, to understand their customers and communicate with them, Enable consumers to control, their payment data, and monetize the information, and offer a new advertisement channel, that is effective and transparent.

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Find about WinK

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Tronbet, is the first permissionless and trustless, high performance, gaming platform. Industry experts, from blockchain and gaming, are involved with the project. It is the top Dapp, with the most users, with the best transaction count, and transaction volume. The top tracking sites, have counted, a daily volume of 10 million USD, with 4000 active users.

Wink, tries to make TRON's ambition for a “truly decentralized internet”, and make the platform, the premier gaming platform, across all chains. The coin will try to utilize the 2000 transactions per second, and 3 seconds, block time, for instant gambling.

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Find about StreamIt Coin

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The project was created, for today's vloggers, video channel owners, and streamers, as a way to reward their subscribers, based upon the subscription tier. The StreamIt bot, will shower them coins, at regular intervals, allowing channel owners to reward followers and build the platform 24/7.

Other developers, created new social media platforms, and combined their efforts, with the innovations that the blockchain offers. The project's developers, wisely, made the new blockchain technology, accessible, to the current social media platforms. With the StreamIt bot, the audience will be kept excited, by allowing the viewer to receive coins, by watching a channel's content.

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Find about Humanscape

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Humanscape, is a project, that wants to provider medical info, for incurable diseases. Those diseases, can have controlled symptoms, with medication, and lifestyle changes. Since the majority of patients are most of the time, outside hospitals, the data generated, is not recorded at a clinical level. With the help of smart devices, and wearables, the patient, can generate data, called Patient Generated Health Dara. Healthcare professionals, rely on this data, to make decisions, on medical treatments. To solve this problem, Humanscape, is trying to create, a decentralized patient network, based on blockchains. With this network, it would be easy to collect a high volume of patient data, combining the security of the blockchain. There are two types of tokens, the HUM points, and HUM donation. Hum points can be earned, by patient's data voted by other users, , by token interest,, by institutions using patient data, and by patients participating in institution qualification process. HUM Donation, are points generated through contributions to the community.

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Odem is developing it's first of it's kind, global, decentralized Education marketplace. It can deliver complete end-to-end custom, in-person, educational programs and experiences. The programs are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, and they power the On-Demand-Education-Marketplace (ODEM). The intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, creates an interactive education market, than can aggregate student demand, for specific program subjects. With the platform, students choose classes, and store the transaction history on the blockchain.

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Find about Dentacoin

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Dentacoin foundation, founded in March 2017, develops the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry. With a common industry specific cryptocurrency, Dentacoin, and several blockchain based tools, all participants are securely interconnected, to empower efficiently exchange of information and values. The core missions are, to improve the quality of dental care worldwide, reduce costs, and create a dental community.

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Find about Solve Token

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In the developed world, population is aging rapidly, so there is an increased demand for healthcare services. A great part of the expenses, is administrative costs. platform will improve care, by dramatically reducing administrative costs. This can be achieved by facilitating, low cost peer to peer transactions, to avoid unacceptable administrative burden. In early 2018, the platform signed a multi year agreement with Arizona Care Network. Four components are linked together for the network, to provide it's services. The Care wallet houses Care Cards and Care Tokens. The Care Cards are applications downloaded, and the Care Token, is an intelligent programmable token to pay healthcare providers. The last component, is the Care protocol, that synchronizes all the above.

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Find about Digitex

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The Digitex token, gives privileges to traders on the Digitex Futures Exchange. All Digitex holders, can participate, in commission-free, non-custodial markets. Instead of transaction fees, the exchange covers costs, by releasing a set amount of tokens every quarter, and sells them, in a transparent token sale. There are three phases of revenue generation. The first, was an ICO, started on January 15, 2018, and sold out in 17 minutes, raising over 5 million USD. The second phase, will last until the end of 2021. The third phase will start in 2022. The token issuance, is community controlled, with voting, every three months, to continue the release cycle.

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Find about Project PAI

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There have been many innovations for AI, in the last decade. We can see autonomous vehicles, coming up, Alphabet AlphaGO, has toppled, the best GO players, and neural networks, can process a vast amount of information, in a very small time. In the digital space, there is no representative, for the users, and project' PAI, tries to solve this. PAI stands to Personal Artificial Intelligence, and it's scope is, to create a 3D digital avatar, that is designed to look like you, speak like you, and behave like you, in the digital space. The PAI network, is a decentralized platform, that acts as the avatar repository, and it is controlled, buy the user, through the ownership of the private keys.

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