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What is factom

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Factom was created to build a more honest and transparent world. It has a very simple approach: create software that makes it impossible to change the past and point that software at places where it solves valuable business problems. Check out details on the video.

Electroneum App and Miner

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Electroneum is a cryptocurrency designed to be mined on small devices. Check the video in full screen, to see the texts messages, because the creator did not wanted sound.

What is Hcash

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Hcash is a Chinese DASH variation. Chinese prefer to have their own, instead of using other's cryptocurrencies. Take a look.

What is EOS cryptocurrency

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EOS is a project by the developer who build Bitshares and the person who build Steem along with other developers. This is the third project for Dan Larrimer. Dan had a lot of success with Steem and Bitshares.

What is District0x

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Districts are marketplaces and communities that exist as decentralized autonomous organizations on the district0x Network. All internet citizens will be able to deploy districts to the network free of charge, forever.

What is syscoin

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Syscoin is a merged-mining coin with Bitcoin. It is used as a token on the Blockmarketplace. You can install on your desktop and start selling products.

Elastic cryptocurrency

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Elastic cryptocurrency explained. See more info in the video.

What is Waltoncoin

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Waltoncoin is something similar to IOTA. It's new and high risk, but it can give good returns.

How to buy with Bitcoin

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There are many merchants around the world that accept Bitcoin, This video, is really informative.

Proof of work vs Proof of stake

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There are many different ways to secure a blockchain. Some cryptocurrencies have a proof of work consensus, where extensive calculations are needed (mining), to secure the blockchain. With proof of stake, the amount of coins, residing on an online wallet have value to be selected more frequently to confirm transactions.